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Clapjoy Map Master Educational Flash Cards for Kids Ages 5+ Years

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  • Interactive Learning: Make education fun and engaging for your child with this set of double-sided cards designed to introduce them to the world.
  • Explore India and Beyond: These cards feature information about various Indian states and major countries worldwide, helping your child learn about diverse cultures and places.
  • Visual Learning: Each card is adorned with colorful images, making it easy for kids to absorb information through visual cues, sparking their curiosity and creativity.
  • Key Details Included: Your child can enrich their knowledge by reading key details about each state or country on the cards, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around them.
  • World Map Included: A large world map is included in the set, allowing your child to visually correlate the location of each country they learn about, enhancing their geography skills.
  • Ideal Gift: This educational card pack is a thoughtful gift for young learners, providing them with a fun and interactive way to explore the world and expand their horizons.

What is in the box?

  • 72 Double Sided Flash Cards
  • World Map


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Clapjoy Map Master Educational Flash Cards for kids

Educating through a pack of double-sided cards is an ingenious way to introduce your kid to the world. It is a playful tool for the child to learn through images about various Indian states and that of major countries of the world along with the key details of various states / countries enriching their knowledge. A large size map of world has been included for the child to visually correlate the location of the country.

Map Master Flash Cards With Memory Activities

Learning Flash Cards Toys for Boys & Girls Age 5-12 years

These cards are correctly sized. Similar to ordinary playing cards in size, shape and thickness, they fit well in small hands and are easy for kids to handle and manage.

  • Helps the child in rapid learning, to build vocabulary & quick memorization.
  • Language Published: English and it is always presented in good context
  • Flash cards make a real impact on visual and kinaesthetic learners


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  1. Disha

    Good flash cards

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