Best Educational Gift for kids, preschoolers for age 2-6 years old

Learning and educational toys are some of the best presents you can buy for children

Clapjoy presenting the best learning and educational gift your child at the reasonable price which is ecofriendly and made in india.

  • Preschool Games, Spelling and Vocabulary Wood Block Toy – Your little one will learn new words, how to spell them and have fun while doing it.
  • Safe and Durable: Your wood block spelling games for kids are made of high quality, non-toxic, kid friendly, and smooth wooden materials. Your child’s safety is our priority!
  • Make Learning Fun – This educational game for toddlers is great for teaching grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. Use the vocabular flash cards by themselves, or have your little one use the blocks to spell the words. As a beginner they can just copy the word, or you can place the flash cards so that they can’t see the spelling, for advanced game play. You can even give them points for each one correct and offer rewards to enhance the learning experience.

Four Ways to Play:

Mode 1: Use just the flash cards to test the child’s vocabulary.

Mode 2: Insert the card in the wood block with the correct spelling covered. Use the wood blocks to spell the correct word

. Mode 3: Use the blocks to spell out the words, have the children find the correct flash card.

Mode 4: Place the card in the wood block so that the correct spelling is visible. Have the child match the spelling on the card and read it out loud.


Best Spell learn toys for kids of age 2,3,4,5 years

spell learn spell learn
FUNNY LEARNING GAME FOR YOUR KIDS25 pcs double-sided English flash cards, 50 familiar and everyday words consist of 3 or 4 letters, such as animals, food, weather, etc. and 8 wooden blocks. Easy for kids to understand and remember, building up their confidence and stimulating their passion for learning. SAFE TO PLAYIncludes 8 wooden alphabet blocks, smooth edge, and suitable size, perfect for little hands to grasp and play. High-quality wood material and laser engraved letters, durable and won’t crack or fade out during daily use. In addition, children can also use these building blocks to spell words other than cards. SPELLING GAMES FOR PRESCHOOLERSThe matching letter is an effective educational game for preschoolers age 3 4 5 years to develop multiple skills. The spell learning toys allows players to match pictures to the word, teaching children both the alphabet and correct spelling. Great for early vocabulary learning.


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