Best Wooden Toy Game for kids

Challenge yourself, race your friends, and learn- all at the same time With Clapjoy 3D Puzzle Car & Truck Combo!

Build, play and learn with this cool and challenging wooden puzzle car and truck! Constructed from premium wood, these 3D wooden puzzles for kids & adults provide the perfect amount of challenge for children ages 6 and above. Adults can even get in on the fun and use it as a mental workout. With no drawings or complicated patterns to guide you, the only other tool you need is just your imagination.

Easy to assemble:

  • Follow the steps in the detailed instruction manual
  • You will build the wooden art craft set quickly
  • Pop-out the puzzle piece
  • Enjoy building your own scale model vehicle set!

Premium 3D Wooden Puzzle Racing Car and Truck Combo

Portable DesignIt’s an educational and fun activity for children and adults designed with four wide suspensions for a great grip on the surface, unique engineering behind curved, and flexible wooden parts of a 3d toy car.Develop Kids Various Abilities & CoordinationKeep your children entertained and use a little creativity at the same time with this 3D puzzle wooden car that improves your child’s hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and inspires creativity. Your kids will have hours of fun putting together this puzzle, and you’ll be able to see them develop their cognitive skills as they do it!Perfect DecorationEvery puzzle is a work of art- no two are ever the same! To put it together you’ll need to use your eyes and your hands. It can be an eye-catching decoration and a great brain teaser once you’ve solved it, you’ll be able to proudly display your creation on your desk or on your coffee table.


  • The high quality finish MDF board is light yet durable
  • 3mm Thickness
  • No battery required, making it a green product
  • No glue required for assembly, a no mess no-fuss activity
  • No toxic, and no smell


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