Unique Return Gift Ideas for kids

Return gift for kids of age 0-2 years


ClapJoy Reusable My First 100 Words Flash Cards for Kids for Age 6 Months and Above

Games like Flash Cards are not just fun, but also educational. Cards are a terrific return gift idea for kids because they can use it for years, come up with different games, and enjoy playing together!

Great Teaching Tool

These kids flash cards are good for children to Start learning from the moment they are born. They recognize people, places, animals, colors, tastes, sounds, smells, and more. A key part of a child’s education is through engagement. Engaging with parents, siblings and others.

✅ Aids Visual Learning
✅Improve visual memory of kids
✅Large Clear Fonts
✅Extra thick
✅Making Learning Fun
✅Help With Counting
✅A great gift to give

Reusable And Laminated Flashcard Kit Includes :

  • 100 Reusable Double Sided Flash cards for babies
  • 12 Sketch Pens
  • Reusable Marker

Return gift for kids of age 3-5 years


Preschool Games, Spelling Game and Vocabulary Wood Block Toy – Your little one will learn new words, how to spell them and have fun while doing it.

This educational game for toddlers is great for teaching grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. Use the vocabular flash cards by themselves, or have your little one use the blocks to spell the words. As a beginner they can just copy the word, or you can place the flash cards so that they can’t see the spelling, for advanced game play. You can even give them points for each one correct and offer rewards to enhance the learning experience.

Includes 8 cubes/blocks, 25 cards with 50 words to spell


Easy Technique to Learn Hindi Word Formation Hindi can be a difficult language to pick up and if you provide your kids with an early Hindi language learning platform, it can prove beneficial in their future academic careers. The clapjoy Hindi Shabd Rachna is a word formation game that enables your child to learn the vowels and consonants of this language.

This Hindi word formation game consists of 145 pieces, 2 sets of vowels and consonants and 10 sets of matraas that can be put together to form different words. The activity spruces up your child’s Hindi language skills considerably. Safe to Use and Develops Motor Skills The Hindi Shabd Rachna is a nice tool for not only developing your kid’s Hindi language skills but also aids in improving thinking ability and motor skills.

Reusable Activity Flashcard Learning Kit for Kids (250+ Activities)

A perfect educational toys for kids that promotes the interaction between children and parents. Parents can guide and help children learn, encourage kids to achieve all goals, it will greatly enhance children’s learning ability.

Interactive flash cards for kids Reusable And Laminated Flashcard Kit Includes :

  • 250+ Activity Flashcard
  • Crayons
  • 12 Coloring Sketch pens
  • Cloth

Return gift for kids of age 6 years and above


We are bringing back the joy to FASTEST FINGER FIRST SLING PUCK Board Games giving you an interactive alternative to Digital Entertainment

FASTEST FINGER FIRST SLING PUCK game or string hockey game is a heart-pounding, action-packed game that has you racing your opponent to pass all the coins through the center gate to the opposite side!

Who will be the Fastest!

What is the objective of the game?

Get all your coins to the opposite side of the board before your opponent gets their coins on your side, using just ONE hand!  You must use your cleverness and rapidness as quickly as possible before your opponent beats you


  • Shut the Box is a simple and classic dice game that is simple to learn, fun to play, and develops fluency with addition facts.
  • Great addition practice tool
  • Large, 4-sided wooden board for 2 to 4 players – sturdy, easily portable
  • 10 number tiles that flip easily
  • 2 nice Dice ready to be rolled and rolled

The rules of Shut the box game-4

Game still goes on, other players continue to play until they roll a number that has no combinations left to shut or anyone have shut down all the tiles. And the player with the lowest score wins.

CARSON’ score: 3+6+7+9=25 JUDITH’ score: 3+6+8+10=27

JAMES’ score: 2+5+8+9=24 ASHLEY’ score: 2+5+8+10=25

JAMES is the winner!


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